No exercises

No exercises
Saturday June 09, 2007

I love the work of Alice Miller. I wish I had discovered it before I had children.Sadly I did to my children what was done to me.Just as I was coming out of my shell,I was attacked by my usually mellow husband. Who incidentally had a very abusive childhood.I started taking an antidepressant, which is how I learned that I was bipolar. My poor little babies.Their mother was just crazy for 5 years.
It is my oldest son that I worry about the most.He doesn’t have many friends.He is shy but has a bad temper.But he loves animals and babies.He is smart and he is good at a lot of things.He seems to be very popular with girls and he is only 11.That seems a little young to be so interested in girls.When he gets hurt he doesn’t seem to feel it. When I tell him how sorry I am for being cruel to him when he was little, he says”It’s okay, it made me tough.” My daughter has a lot of anxiety.She is a hypochondriac.She is very competitive and can’t stand being less than perfect.
I don’t think I can afford therapy.Although I think we all could use some. Do you have any suggestions?How can I help us all to heal?Are there any books or exercises
you could recommend?
Thank you for your time.Sincerely, K. C.

AM: You can find on my website much information about the roots of cruelty and the knowledge of the dynamic of violence. I am sorry if this is not enough to be useful for you. I don’t offer exercises, you must look for them elsewhere.