Interview or quotations?

Interview or quotations?
Friday December 15, 2006

Dear Alice Miller

We, a Danish Film-company, are producing a DVD and a pamphlet about children, who grow up in families with abuse, alcoholism and other dysfunctionalities, and get traumatized by their experiences.

The pamphlet and video are supposed to be distributed to medical doctors and psychiatrists in USA, Japan and Denmark. Its is financed by The Lundbeck
Institute, but we have absolutely editorial rights.

Our question is: Can we qoute or interview you? Of course you will have to accept the context, in which your qoutes are used.

All ready now we can inform that the other persons interviewed are:

Jack Donen, psychologist, Copenhagen. ( treatment build on the theories of Peter A Levine

Karen Glistrup, danish social-worker, talking about how to talk with children from dysfunctional families. Her focus is on getting the children visibility and knowledge.

Jan Nielsen, nurse, who by personal contact helped a traumatized and hospitalized woman who suffered and was medicated in many years, from incest.

As your theories very much corresponds with the purpose of the publication, we very much hope to hear from you.

Yours sincerely, C. H.

You can quote Alice Miller’s books and articles if you want to do this, by respecting her copyright.