Thank you

Thank you
Friday June 15, 2007

Dear Alice,
Thank you for your books and your own courage in meeting the pain of your childhood. Since I’ve been reading your books I have wondered how much I’ve really faced because my feeling is still of a jigsaw puzzle and lots of numb bits. Since I was 14 Ive had epileptic fits, I’m now 50.When I was 28 I knew I had to experience them and find out what they were about.I went off the medication I’d been on for 14 years. That has been a 20 year journey into all levels led by Life,understanding myself emotionally,mentally,physically and spiritually.In the last 5 years I’ve understood my suppressed hate for my mum and her devouring control was the fits and that dad sexually abused me as a baby, and damaged me completely. Mum has denied the abuse and my step-sister, but I know they live in denial of their pain,so I keep my version of events..
I have never married or had children and am looking at how to resolve a 7 year on and off relationship, by facing more truth.
Perhaps it’s time to break the hypocritic obligation that connection with both my parents is.
I feel the need of an enlightened witness, as in you books. I will keep reading them.
Thank you for speaking Truth, it’s the only reason to live, P. W., Australia

AM: You are right: Living with the truth of our history and finally rebelling against the cruelty endured gives our life the sense and the power to understand our true needs and to fulfill them. How did you find out that your father abused you sexually as a baby?