The enlightened Witness

The enlightened Witness
Tuesday January 12, 2010


Dear Ms. Miller,

I am reading Free from Lies now. I just read The Truth Will Set You Free. This was such a good summary of all your writings. I will begin it again soon. I do know why I have been reading your wonderful books night after night before sleep. It is because I am memorizing them in my body as an antidote for the toxins that have been lodged there for my 58 years. As you so well put, the body remembers all of the abuse and trauma of childhood.

I hope you don’t mind, but I have made you my enlightened witness because of your generous spirit, fairness and clarity. I have never read such straight clear talk about abuse, of all kinds. I welcome the repetition in your writing. I need to hear it over and over again. Every bone in my body has wanted to believe that my parents were for me, but that is only the denial and hopeful thinking (not only of mine, but a whole culture).

I recently read Stalking the Soul, which I found very very valuable, especially because my father, a narcissist, died last year. He left behind my step mother who is a very good friend, my age. She is very much still locked into him as the victim. She has always been a victim from childhood. This book explains so much. Of course, I cannot talk much about this with her. What is incredible about this book is that it explains why the Democrats/progressives have allowed the Republicans/conservatives here in America to steam roll over them. I very much see the abuser/victim dynamic here. So, I have been able to extrapolate yours and others’ ideas from family to society. It explains everything. Absolutely everything.

I can’t thank you enough. Without you, I / We would be lost.

In addition, I was noticing your artwork on the cover of Free From Lies. I like the face and movements very much. I like your use of red, rose, oranges and hints of olive green. I like the simplicity. I like the spaces. I like the lines. I am very much in favor of lines. The face does feel free with a freedom all about beckoning to it. But one feels the world in the face. It is a face that has been through much.

Most Sincerely, JL

AM: Thank you very much for your letter, your understanding of the political impact of my writing and your comments on my painting. I appreciate very much your attention for the details. I don’t mind to be your witness, why should I?