We must condemn the use of corporal punishment

We must condemn the use of corporal punishment
Thursday March 23, 2006

Subject: RE Buddhism & Your Work

Dr Miller,

Thanks for publishing my email. You asked whether any buddhists I was aware of had made statements condemning violence toward children. I have been listening to one who has done this. His name is Rodney Smith and he is a member of the Seattle Insight Meditation Society. He has spoken about the psychological abuse of children – particularly about the implantation of shame. Another is Jack Kornfield who has spoken about how abuses oc! cur within religious organisations when a real investigation of one’s psychological history hasn’t been done.

Thank you for your feedback, A.

AM: Thank you for your information but seeing psychological abuse is not the same as condemning clearly the use of corporal punishemnt of children and declare it as a crime.