Drama of The Gifted Child

Drama of The Gifted Child
Tuesday August 22, 2006

Hello Alice,
I recently read your work “Drama of the Gifted Child” upon my sisters reccomendation and was in so many ways encouraged by your writing. I found myself strongly identifying and recognizing my own ability to intellectualize events and build resistance to authentic emotional responses. I am a singer-songwriter and a gay male and have struggled with the concept of narcisism for the past 3 to 4 years. I read an article, which I am unable to remember the author on the relation of homosexuality with narcisism. I felt that finding love and being capable of love was a hopeless cause. However after reading your book I find that I am hopeful in regards to my own ability to love and be loved, to experience authentic emotion and advocate for myself, to set boudaries with my mother and similar relationships, and open myself to being vulnerable…all this! Now understanding that through transference and years of analysis I may be able to regain my true self, I am curious to know what type of therapist I should be seeking. I have made a couple phone calls and referenced your name in regard to the type of therapy I was looking for, and I was told that they do not practice in that way. Would you be able to offer any feedback on style of therapy that would be appropriate for my background and my desired results??

Thank you for your work, for your honesty of expression and for helping me along my journey. M. S.

AM: Thank you for your letter. I wrote “The Drama of the Gifted Child” 27 years ago. Since then I have written many other books which could help you now, especially “The Body Never Lies”. And as you are looking for a therapist, I would strongly recommend that you read the FAQ list before you make your choice. I wish you good luck and the courage to ask your questions!