Tuesday September 18, 2007

Dear Ms. Miller,
At present I am reading your book “The Truth Will Set You free.”
It inspired me to write to someone I have contact with at an anti-war group about the children in Iraq. The Americans and the British have been waging war on Iraq for years now, even before the present war. One UN official resigned at the beginning of this war by saying that the Americans and the British are waging war on children.
Iraq is being culled and some commentators say it is even worse than Vietnam!!!!
I have seen photographs of babies with no arms and no legs as they have been blown off. Babies dead and injured, boys and girls dead and injured, and civilian men and women dead and injured.
I have written to Tony Blair, the Queen, the Archbishop of Canterbury and my local London MP. The response I get is the same kind of response that you get when you write to those in authority. The response comes from their ‘Correspondence Officers’ and there is no indication that what you have sent has even been read.
You caused me to think of a Sunday school class that I was involved with and the children that I got know. I thought that if this country was involved in killing those children as they are doing in Iraq I would not be able to stay silent.
Thank you for writing the books that you do and the wonderful interest that you have for children.

Yours sincerely, P. C.

AM: They don’t damage the bones of small children in America and Britain like they do in Iraq; at least they don’t do it to so many. But they damage them, most of them, by spanking them and causing lesions in their brains. In this way a new generation of ignorant people is being produced, people that mistreat their children and pretend to do this for their own good.