Ending self- betrayal

Ending self- betrayal
Wednesday October 01, 2008

Dear Dr. Miller,

My father was extremely abusive to me (verbally, physically,
sexually), and his poor behavior morphed but continued as I grew older
despite all my efforts to be “a good person,” forgive him, and try to
build a meaningful, caring relationship with him. Even after years of
study in psychotherapy and receiving individual therapy, I could
neither improve nor discard this relationship.

Last year, I read your book _The Body Never Lies_. It was a
revelation to me. I was finally able to admit that I hated my father.
I could still be a good person and despise the man who had always
treated me so poorly. I always feared that if I allowed myself to
feel that hate, it would take over. But, that wasn’t hte case. When
I allowed myself to feel all the anger, resentment, and hatred, it
slowly left me.

Three months after I read your book, I ended my relationship with my
father in a healthy, compassionate, and satisfying way. I thought I
might feel bad about it. I never have. I have not once regretted it.

Thank you so much for your work. It has made such a remarkable
difference in my life.

With deep gratitude,

AM: You feel well because you stopped to betray yourself.