Tuesday May 08, 2007

Dear Alice,

Your insight has unlocked doors within my psyche: doors that lead to
liberation and peace of mind. I have read Prisoners of Childhood, Banished Knowledge and The Body Never Lies. I particularly enjoyed The Body Never Lies. What a great aid we posess in the body and the body does indeed speak the truth when the mind is susceptible to corruption. In the past two weeks I have severred ties with my parents, withdrawn from university and left home. Against much pressure I have made courageous decisions in order to preserve my peace of mind and to fulfill my potential. Your wisdom has provided me with much comfort and has solidified my faith in my own judgement and my trust in my body. You are correct when you critisize the Fourth Commandment, for child abuse is not acceptable and the truth lies behind the wall of ignorance of which the Fourth Commandment is a brick.
You too have made courageous decisions to stand up for the child and offer an alternative point of view on the issue of child abuse. Your insight is correct and time will prove this. I am 22 and I hope I can offer some hope for a better future. A future without child abuse which is the root of all suffering. In this day and age it is absurd that criminal acts of child abuse are allowed to continue and I again thank you for rightly defending the helpless child and for having the courage to publish your enlightened insights.

AM: Thank you so much for your letter. You write that my books solidified your faith in your own judgment and your trust in your body. This is exactly what I hope to be able to do with everything I have been writing. I don’t want that people just believe in what I am writing, I want them to prove everything they read THROUGH THEIR OWN LIVES. It is rather unusual that you are able to do it at such a young age. So you can save your future, your life.