Message from S.

Message from S.
Sunday October 02, 2005

Dear Ms Miller,

I just finished reading The Drama of the Gifted Child and must tell you that it is an astoundingly insightful work, and has given me reason to stop punishing myself and stop feeling the guilt and shame of not meeting my mother’s expectations, which in recent years (presently 44 years old) has caused a fair amount of suicidal ideation and a distinct feeling of hopelessness, worthlessness, and general inability to feel anything worthwhile in life. For the first time, I see hope in surviving.
I also bought The Key and I’m reading that one presently.
Thank you for tackling such a controversial issue with such compassion, insight, wisdom and courage. And thank you, for giving me reason to keep living.


A.M.: I am shure the articles on my website will bring you additional help because you want to know your story and how you have suffered as a child. Barbara, a member of our team, wrote you the following letter: