The child has no choice

The child has no choice
Monday January 09, 2006

Dear Alice Miller,
While I was deeply moved by your book, The Body Never Lies, I find it poses some hard questions regarding the freedom you claim the adult has in terms of having access to early childhood history as well as the freedom to express that truth. Even in the Western world, would western leaders and those in power be prepared to have former children witnesses of crimes or children made victims to any serious crimes freely walking about as adults to find answers in any kind of support groups? That is highly unlikely.
We know such people are tortured for speaking the truth and forced to admit to crimes they never committed in some parts of the globe. Is the western justice system any fairer? What should those kinds of prisoners of childhood do? They must of course remain silent and take on whatever role is given to them (or pathetically, whatever crime.)

AM: For staying silent they often pay with depression, then thay take anti-depressives, then they take something against the secondary effects of anti-depressives and so on and on. Staying silent is rarely a must, it is a choice, at least for the adult. Only the child has no choice and his/her fear unfortunately stays with many people their whole lives so that they don’t take the risk and never come to know how relieving it can be to speak out.