Why are they so surprised?

Why are they so surprised?
Friday May 22, 2009

I am not surpised, I’ve been here, in Ireland, for 36 years and as a foreigner, I know. Because it is so shocking (in the details) the Irish people is also shocked and scandalised. And still millions of miles from “connecting” with the real scandal. The whole country is in denial; and they are still so TODAY as we speak. Every word coming out of there mouth (church and government is still LIES).

Dear Alice, you may keep up with the story, because althought it is just about the BIGGEST scandal, WORSE IS TO COME.

Next (soon) is the publication of the Report for the Diocese of DUBLIN (the Capital!).

And then; THEN: maybe the rest of the children, in the so-called civilian part of society: THE FAMILY.

Edna O’Brian was good to endorse your book and say “Every parent should read this”; unfortunately I can tell NO-ONE HAS. And still DOESN’T.

I keep fighting your corner: for me, for my children, and for the whole country.


AM: Yes, you are right, even after the Report, the lies will not stop. So many knew very well what was going on, for 60 years, and nobody opened the mouth. Why are they now so surprised?