A seminar in Rome

A seminar in Rome
Monday March 02, 2009

Dear Dr. Miller

it would be a pleasure and a honour if you accepted to participate in a
seminar to be held in Rome in the spring 2010, organized by the “Association
for the Study of Maternal Deficit”, recently founded by a group of Italian
psychotherapists who base their daily practice on the “Enlightened Witness”


We would ask you to give a key-note speech summarizing your life-long
research on child mistreatment and child abuse, their devastating consequences
for society as a whole (“the roots of worldwide violence”) and the reasons
this dynamic is so hard to be recognized – even in psychotherapeutic practice.

The audience with which we would like you to share your wisdom will be
composed by psychotherapists, graduates and students in psychology and
medicine, but also by non-specialists interested in the topic.

The other key-note speaker will be a representative of the evolutionary
approach (an invitation is being sent to Dr. Desmond Morris) as one of the
goals of the meeting – which should be the first of a series of regular
appointments – is to discuss the theory of attachment from different points of
view, to foster awareness and propose new theoretical and therapeutic tools.

If, as we truly hope, you will accept this preliminary invitation, we would
be more than happy to send you more details on the initiative and the

We so much look forward to your coming to Rome that we would leave you the
choice of the most convenient date for you (2 days between the end of February
and the beginning of April, 2010), and then proceed with the organization
accordingly. We would obviously take care of all travel and accommodation
expenses – and be happy to meet your requests concerning your honorarium.

Thanking you for your kind attention and looking forward to hearing from you,
I send you my respectful regards

Association for Maternal Deficit

AM: Thank you very much for your kind invitation. I am sorry that I can’t come to Rome but I am glad to hear that you are going to organize a seminar on the issue of the enlightened witness. If Desmond Morris can come it would be wonderful, One can learn from him to WATCH. As you seem to be familiar with my research you may want to distribute the flyers from my web site among the participants of the seminar. They are free, as well as all my articles. I hope that this material can help and may replace my personal cooperation .I wish you much success in creating MANY new enlightened, watching, interested witnesses who are so much needed in our sleeping society.