Learning empathy for yourself

Learning empathy for yourself
Thursday July 27, 2006

Dear Alice,

I am reading your book. Banished Knowledge. At first I was getting uncomfortable with what you were saying specifically about abuse. I can’t really remember my father abusing me but I clearly remember my mother being abused by him. He was an alcoholic. I have a female analyst which has helped. I have been very angry with my mother more than my father. I can’t find the reason but I just don’t feel like talking to him. Maybe because he didn’t spend much time with us. I don’t know. How do I figure this out? If there is anything to dissect.

Truly, I. I.

AM: If you can learn to feel your suppressed strong emotions in your therapy, if you can learn there to become empathic with yourself and with the small child you once were, you certainly will find many answers to the question you ask me. How should I know anything about your life as long as you don’t talk about it?