If you have a minute, thanks!

If you have a minute, thanks!
Monday January 22, 2007


I have been reading some of your work especially your book ‘for your own good’ and was wondering whether you would be able to please answer just a few questions as it would help me with my dissertation, but i do understand you will be busy.

I am writing my dissertation on Hitlers and psychoanalysis. within the dissertation i am discussing a brief cover of psychoanalysis and Hitlers early years. I am then going to discuss yourself and your approach to psychoanalysis, Fromm, Erikson and Waite. I was wondering if you have any particular critiques of these psychoanalysts or perhaps you know of any that have critiqued your own work.

Any help would be gratefully accepted

Regards, G. Q.

You can find AM’s critiques of Psychoanalysis in her book Thou Shalt Not Be Aware.