the wall

the wall
Saturday July 12, 2008

Dear Mrs Miller,

First I would like to thank you for your books and your point of view on child abuse which was so new to me when I read your books. I suffer from anxiety and I do believe I can free myself following the steps you recommend.
But my message is not about me. I have recently re-listened to the best-seller album “The wall” from Pink Floyd and I was suddenly stroke by the link Roger Waters reveals between his character Floyd’s suffering during childhood (beginning of album, with the abuse from his mother, his teachers, etc.) and the “nazi-like” sequences where, as a rock star controlling the crowd, he shouts his hatred against black people, jews, etc. Of course this can be seen in the corresponding movie, by Alan parker.
So I wondered: what would Alice Miller think about this?

best regards, P. V., from France

AM: Thank you for your letter. I am very surprised about your information concerning Pink Floyd’s Wall that I loved very much. I never heard about nazi-like sequences by Rogers Water. But nothing is impossible if he later felt guilty and feared his parents’ punishment for his liberty as a young man. Can it be that later he betrayed his truth? Can you send us the text?