The courage to see

The courage to see
Thursday February 02, 2006

Dear Ms. Miller:

I am reading your book The Body Never Lies, and I find it very interesting. I am currently in theraphy because of anxiety attacks. I have found that I have dissociative identity disorder. I have very little memories of my childhood. My older half sister says that nothing ever happened to me because I was dad’s favorite and that I am making this all up. I have been told all my life that I have been making all of this up, but I have faced my demons all of my life and I know what the truth is and I won’t back down and put the blinders on and say that my family is right when they are wrong. Thank You for standing up for people like me, it helps to know there are people willing to face their demons too.

J. D.
and the others

AM: You are not alone, there are millions like you, but not many who have your courage to see. Good luck in finding witnesses!