Treat ourselves with love

Treat ourselves with love
Wednesday January 25, 2006

Dear Alice,

As one who was once enthralled, even inspired by your writings, can I ask you a question? When are you ever going to come to terms with the fact that your own mother, and father, failed to love you as a child?

I am just about coming to terms with the fact that I was also an emotionally-abandoned child. None of us can change the past.

Yours sincerely,

AM: We can’t change our past but we can stop to repeat it unconsciently, which means to treat ourselves without love as our parents did. However, we can’t stop to repeat it, unless we know emotionally what it meant for a child to live for years without love or even surrounded by hatred. If we deny this knowledge our body will remind us of the work we have to do in order to give the child inside the care and attention she needs now from us.