Message from T.

Message from T.
Wednesday August 17, 2005

Dear Alice,

I bought your book (The Body Never Lies) last weekend and just finished it. THANK YOU!!!!! After several therapies and over 100 various books, you are the FIRST person that has had a positive impact that genuinely lifts the veil off my eyes and reminds me that allowing my honest feelings to exert themselves is not crazy or selfish.

I only wish I had an advanced psy. degree so I could take my 54 years of searching and learning and help others. There has to be a huge hunger out there for what you espouse in your fabulous book. We’re all pretty brainwashed to not look into that dark closet. Thank god there are people like you who understand and have a gift for putting out an alternative answer that makes 100% sense.

Yes, I was abused by a step-father from the age 5 until 13 and had a cold mother who didn’t care to get involved. God I wish I could turn this into a path to help others.

Regardless, thank you so much for what your 207 pages of incredible insight has done for me!!! You are wonderful!!

Most sincerely,


AM to T: thank you for your letter. you don’t need a psy. degree in order to spread the knowledge you gained by discovering your true history. this is exactly the most needed and most rare kind of knowledge, not the one learned at universities.