Nancy’s courage

Nancy’s courage
Saturday July 26, 2008

Dear Ms. Miller,

I am afraid you may have misunderstood my position. I don’t have a problem
with her writing and I have encouraged her to do so, even providing her with
her own computer. I have been supporting Nancy through this ordeal both
emotionally and physically. I have been with her for 8 years now and since
she has started reading your books, she has been able to face up to the
truth. My grave concern is that she doesn’t seem to be getting emotionally
better. She can not function on her own and has extreme difficulty in making
decisions for herself. She continues to go over the same scenarios in her
head and in conversations with me. My reference to her sleeping is that she
goes through some deep depressive periods and can not do anything. I want to
help her but I am at a loss. I try as much as I can to be an empathetic
witness and give her encouragement. I was looking for guidance from you as
to whom she may be able to speak with here in the U.S. that prescribes to
the same ideals as you do.

When she received the replies from you in regards to the two messages she
wrote you she literally was hysterical with tears of joy that you would
actually write back to her. She feels you are the only person in the world
that understands her. If there is no one you can recommend would you be open
to corresponding with her and offer her advice as she moves through her self
therapy. I know she would be overjoyed at the prospect of corresponding with
you. I am sincerely concern about her well being.

Thank you for taking the time to read my email and even more so, thank you
for message of hope that you offer children who have suffered at the hands
of abusers.

AM: I wrote you: “She can write me if SHE (and not you) has a problem with her writing. I geuess that she doesn’t have any.”
Why do you call her joy of having been supported “hysterical” and her deep sorrow about having been terribly exploited “depression”? When she has the freedom of expressing her true and justified feelings she will become healthy, even if most people will not understand her because almost everybody seems to be scared by strong feelings that they deny and have stored in their bodies until a serious illness forces them to look at these feelings. Nancy knows that I can’t offer her a therapie on the Internet. But she also knows quite well what she needs now and SHE DOES IT. You can trust her.