Wednesday April 02, 2008

In our house there was a routine to be followed if you were to receive a spanking and I now find if eg I do something like not coming in on time or answering my parents back I wish at 16 that my father would spank me again instead of grounding me or stopping going to a party or something like that even though at time it hurt and when it stopped two years ago it had become embarrassing.

I had to go to my room. As I was always spanked on bare bottom I had to undress from waist down before dad would come up after about 10mins. I then had to go across his lap or bend over bed or a chair..Dad usually spanked with his hand but i got the belt a couple of times for lying to get out of a spanking.

As they hurt a lot and were embarrassing why do I wish for more? I have a younger brother who is still spanked, why do I wish it was me.

Im female and 16 years old, J.

AM: Apparently you had to learn very early that perversion is something normal.