good news – Poland

good news – Poland
Sunday June 08, 2008

Dear Alice

Today I received a letter from the Council of Ministers, an answer on my e-mail which I send also to you a couple of days ago.

Here is my translation in English
Department … [I do not know in English] of the Council of Ministers sends you, according to the competence, a letter of Miss Sabina Gatti (date of receiving 2.06.2008) address to The Prime Minister, expressing her understanding to do a law forbidding the spanking of children. She thinks that it’s necessary to prohibit physical and psychological violence against children.
Miss Gatti put in evidence that it’s necessary to educate people in such a way to change the old method of education. A lot of information relating to the problems of violence in the family, as she write, is available on website

Best regards
Head specialist
Dagmara Walkiewicz-Podgórska

To knowlege of
Miss Sabina Gatti

and here in Polish – in the other e-mail I will sending you the original as an enclosure so if you like you can open it and se the original letterer send to me to my knowledge by e-mail.

I am so happy !!! I hope you and Barbara have or will write to him also.

I send you a big hugggggggggggggggggggg !!!!!

From the team: Thank you for your information. We hope that your activity will find a positive reaction. At least it was Poland that has, as the first country in the world, forbidden to hit children in schools, two hundred years ago.