Thursday April 26, 2007

Dear Alice,
You have written in a response to a reader’s letter that “… it is this rage and the knowledge that it brings that will make the difference.”
I am feeling the rage recently and remembering more abusive incidents. I feel shaky with anger,
Will you please take it a little further and tell us what to do with this rage, how to process and express it in a way that will help us?

Thank you, C.

AM: Your rage can become the door to your actual life. Try to feel it as strongly and clearly as possible, THEN, NOT BEFORE, try to understand its reason. Similar situations from the past will soon come to your mind. Now you can see and feel what the child was forbidden to see, now you can really, and not only intellectually, understand what she had to endure in silence. The more you do this, the more you become grounded in yourself, in your history, in your reality, the more clearly you come to know what you NEED and what you want to do to be able to live your own life instead of living the life of a person who is NOT YOU.