collaboration and help

collaboration and help
Wednesday October 03, 2007

dear mrs. miller,

i’m a 52 years-old woman, living in geneva since a long time ago, of brazilian origin. i’m just speechless, after reading your article ‘We can identify the causes of our sufferings’. in a few sentences, i found what i’ve been looking for since i can remember myself as …myself:
‘…This is a course of action that we will only recoil from as long as we do not understand the causes of those emotions. Once therapy has enabled us to experience and understand the rage and fear inspired in us by our parents, we will no longer feel the compulsion to take out our anger on surrogate victims, usually our own children. In this way we can discover the reality of our own early biography step by step, understand the sufferings of the children we once were, and become fully aware of the cruelty we were exposed to in our total isolation. Then we will realize that there were very good reasons for our anger and despair, because we were never understood, accepted, and taken seriously. By experiencing these unexpressed emotions we can learn to know ourselves better.’
i decided to write you for two reasons:
1. to say ‘thank you’ for making me feel able to look back into my own feelings.
2. to ask you if there is some ‘working group’ or some ‘helping community’ in geneva area which work to implement these ideas about childhood, a group which i could join as a volunteer.
i speak 3 languages and have a degree in education. i would really like to join some network whcih is activ in this field of interest.

thank so much for ‘rescue’ me! regards, l. p.

From the team: Thank you for writing and sharing your improtant experiences. Have you though of founding such a group yourself where you live?