Violence against children produces violent adults

Violence against children produces violent adults
Friday October 07, 2005

Dear Alice,

I am a Christian Brother in the role of leader of the Christian Brothers in Ireland. We ran institutions for boys where there are many allegations of abuse. I would welcome you to come to Ireland to speak on this important issue. Having just finished The Body Never Lies and the Drama of the Gifted Child and Breaking Down the Wall of Silence, I can see you have much to say!

Best wishes for your important work!


A.M.: Thank you for your invitation. Instead of travelling a lot I write to this site. You are free to distribute my flyers and articles among the people you care about. I am glad that you read some of my books and want to help others to understand what happens to them. it is not an easy job but a very necessary one.
I think that having understood the dynamic of violence makes every responsible leader wanting to share his knowledge with others. Violence against children produces violent adults as well as mad dictators and sexual abuse produces pedophiles. This obvious truth is however totally denied because almost everyone was a victim of chilld abuse and doesn’t want to know it. So they conttinue to fool each other: in philosophy, literature, religion. But their bodies don’t let themselves be fooled, they continue to reproduce their stories and so the abuse continue. It is thus time for our mind to understand what happens, to leave the darkness, and to stop the abuse. Preaching virtues is totally ineffective as longue as religions forbid emotional honesty. However, this is exactly what ALL OF THEM do. My book “The Body Never Lies” makes it clear for everybody who wants to know.