Your body will know the answer

Your body will know the answer
Saturday June 06, 2009

Hi Ms. Miller,
I have so many questions for you. I am so excited about getting into your work. It is so revolutionary. I am truly amazed both that you figured this stuff out and that you had the courage to go public with it. You have put a voice to my suffering and pain. I owe you a debt of tremendous gratitude, beyond words. When I go public with my findings (they are the same as yours) I get yelled at and screamed at so much, that I eventually stopped going public with them. I keep them to myself and a few close friends. I wonder how much rage and anger people have deflected at you over the years for bringing to light the real truth of the world. I can only imagine it has been a lot. I’m so grateful that you continue to write on. Your books are utterly amazing and beneficial to me. I, too, have a tremendous passion for this work. I work on this stuff everyday of my life.

I have two questions for you. I don’t know if you read my e-mail on Monday, but I hope you can offer your opinion on that e-mail as well someday. My 2 questions today are: 1) What are the titles of your 2 new upcoming books? I think you said one was Free From Lies. Is that corrrect? What is the other title?

2) In For Your Own Good, when you were describing Hitler’s childhood, you said that his mother must have felt incredible feelings of guilt surrounding the deaths of her first 3 children, all in the span of a few weeks. You wrote that she may have felt that God was punishing her for having an affair with her Uncle Alois when he was still married and she was his housemaid, by “killing” her first 3 children. It got me to wonder, if Klara Hitler felt “evil” and that she was being punished by God for being a “wicked sinner,” did she unconsciously pass this off to young Adolph. Did young Adolph intuitively know that his mom felt that she was evil and being punished by God? And, if so, did Hitler, in his incredible and unconditional love for his mother, take on her feelings of being “bad, sinner, evil” in order to protect his beloved mother?

I wonder this because in my own life, I am beginning to realize that I have taken on every emotion from my mother and father that they had/have in order to protect them from their reality? In the process, I’ve gotten absolutely creamed in my life! Is there validity to this? Is my interpretation of Hitler’s taking on his mom’s feelings in order to protect her correct? If so, this explains a lot to me about both myself and Hitler. Did Hitler possibly act the way he did in an unconscious effort to protect his mom” Something like, “no, mom, you’re not a bad, evil, sinner. It’s ME who is the bad, evil, sinner!” Is this possibly one of the reasons Hitler did what he did? I’m very interested to hear your belief on this matter.

Thank you again for everything. You have tremendous courage. Nobody has done more on this planet to bring out the real truth tot the true problems that plague our society today than you. Thank you so much.

Warmest Regards, T

AM: The title of the second book is “From Rage to Courage”.
Your assumptions that make sense for understanding your life history are very interesting. You don’t need them to be correct for Hitler too, It is your body and your emotions that will tell you if what you assume feels right to them.