Friday May 22, 2009

Dear Dr. Miller,

Your books have had a huge healing effect for me. Your words and understanding have given me solace in that you know about abuse and mistreatment of children by adults. I wish the Pope and Bishops would read your books and “preach” to their subordinates, the priests about their sins. It would be so good to have you analyze this horrific situation that has injured so many children.

However, my question is regarding the work I’ve done with American Indian children (now adults) who were/are victims of abuse at home, at school, at church and in society. I’ve been looking out for neurological-research that explains where in the brain these images are held and what a person can do to shift the chemistry of the brain without drugs. Medicine for a long time has disrupted the recovery of adults who have grown up and do the same thing that happened to them as children.

I have with a few American Indian used my drum and our traditional songs for healing memories and images. Do you know of or have you researched alternatives to healing the wounds of abuse besides talking them out with a stranger. Some brain research says that the amigdyla places a key role in the brain chemistry of fear, depression and terror. What advise can you provide me as I work with my Indian people? TS

AM: I think that only talking and saying what the parents have done to the former child can break the chain of vielence. Otherwise everything that is denied will be repeated in the next generation.