Where can paedophiles hide best?

Where can paedophiles hide best?
Monday September 14, 2009

I think it is no use writing to the UNESCO, i am afraid, Alice. This is the agenda of some paedophiles at the very top. of the so-called pyramid. The so-called experts are just a front. I do not have to remind you of the case of Marc Dutroux that showed that child abusers could be found at the very top of government. It is utterly bewildering, yet it is so simple.
I know somebody who has investigated this agenda and who is far more eloquent than i am. If you wish i could ask him for more links.

You have already done so much. And we can’t stop it, but we can go on talking about it to anybody who wants to hear.
I am reading John Taylor Gatto’s The Underground History of American Education. It paints a chilling picture of the aims of compulsory schooling. We are all being dumbed down, communities and families are being destroyed, so that we can serve a small minority with perverse wishes.

There is a website devoted to the study of psychopaths, far more in depth than Elliot Barker’s. It is very imformative.

This is the reply i wrote to the Daily Mail, not sure they will publish it, though. I do feel encouraged by the outrage displayed in the comments.

I think it is quite telling that these so-called guidelines or forms of advice mention masturbation, abortion and so on, but nothing is said about intimacy or lovemaking. We are meant to become a worldwide population only interested in sexual gratification, obsessed with sex, In a couple of years we will be hearing that babies and very young children are sexual beings (have a look at the leaflets that were produced by the German government in 2007?) and that it is okay to teach them sexual skills. This is the fantasy of every sexual predator. It will not protect young people against abuse, far from it. As Martine mentioned above children have a right to absolute bodily integrity and adults should respect their privacy. We have to ask ourselves some unpleasant questions. Why is the UNESCO waisting (our) money by issuing these guidelines? Why are so-called experts and governments so obsessed with the sexuality of the young? Stop harrassing young people!

I hope this finds you well. The tide will turn, again, i am sure. I do not think i will live to see it, though.

Love, S

AM: Probably you are right. The paedophiles do what they want to do, and as you rightly say they need goverments and institutions where they have enough power to expand their business. So why not at the UNESCO and the UNO too? We all expected safety from our parents and could for a long time not realize that exactly these persons who had to give us safety were most dangerous. How can we realize so quickly that criminals can also hide themselves in the most honorable places? I am glad that you want to fight against ignorance and help people to open their eyes. Thank you.