Question of a therapist

Question of a therapist
Saturday May 12, 2007

Dear Alice Miller –
I want to thank you for your books from the bottom of my heart. I have read Society’s Betrayal of the Child, The Drama of the Gifted Child, and For your Own Good.
I have read these books a couple of different times and I get a different and often deeper meaning each time I read them again.
I have especially been helped by The Drama of the Gifted Child, it was a required reading in school for Psychology where I was learning to be a therapist. I used to think that being ’empathic’ was my personality instead of one of the results of not being heard or understood much by my parents.
Which book took you the longest to write?
Thank you again for you have really helped me.

Sincerely, M. K. C.

AM: You are a therapist and you read the three books I wrote first. Now, the only one question that you want me to answer is the time I needed to write them. I wrote the Drama in a few weeks but it was based on twenty years of therapeutic experience that I made before I wrote the book.