Sunday June 17, 2007

Dear Miss Miller:
I am a thirty five year old schizophrenic (my diagnose is paranoid schizophrenia, but a light one) and thought of having had abuse as a child. Of course I cannot prove it, and may be I am wrong, but it does appear in my psychosis.
During my last six years of disease I took Ziprexa, Risperdal (it “poisoned” me), Zeldox and Abilify (which is doing me wrong right now, I feel asleep or with deep anxiety and my heart beats very quickly for hours). But the real reason for writing you is not child abuse. It is that César Tort wrote me that you could be helpful to me. In fact I am searching for a place to treat my problem or disease with the help of people linked to psychiatrist Thomas Szasz, people with similar ideas. Years before my problem -or when my problem was lighter- I liked his books a lot and read some of them. Can you help me? Where could be the nearest place to me to be treated like that? I.

AM: You should open at Google Dr. Peter Breggin MD, Psychiatrist. You can write him and you will get from him or his stuff all most important information. Breggin fights the dangers done by drugs, but I have no idea how he works as a therapist.