Finding a therapist

Finding a therapist
Tuesday November 01, 2005

Oh, Alice, finally; Someone in this world understands.
I ordered your book immediately. I am on page 109, and
cannot put it down. It does not scare me. It verifies me.
I pray I can find a therapist in my area who can help set
me free. I am 61. II was a Geriatric Nurse for many years
in nursing homes, which was my passion. They were all
the loving parents that I never had. However, being a
floor nurse with sometimes as many as 68 patients by
myself, took its toll on my body. Now I cannot do nursing.
I am grieving my 500 parents, with whom there was true,
mutual love and respect, and I felt “healed” when I was
there. Now, home, and on disability, my body is again
aware of the lies of my childhood. I pray I can find a
therapist in Bradenton, Florida. I want so much to heal.

Most gratefully,


A.M.: Maybe the FAQ list will help you to find the right therapist. Good luck!