Remembering and Grieving

Remembering and Grieving
Tuesday November 21, 2006

Dear Alice,
I have been following worldly events lately asking myself the question, just how many of these people who commit the daily torrent of violent acts against themseves and others were beaten as children.
Without (ever?) being able to prove it, the answer, must be, all of them.
My own reaction to this daily onslaught of slaughter and mayhem is usually shock and horror, but more recently I also feel the pain of the beaten child I once was, and see that the ONLY way out of this repetitious mess is not to arm ourselves against our “enemies”,(real and imagined),but to take responsibility for, and feel our own pain about the mistreatment we endured as children at a time when we were helpless to do anythng about it.
When will the world wake up to this I wonder?
s f

AM: I agree with you. ALL OF THEM, all of US. But there are however some who want to know, and this makes the big difference. I hope that the more people want to know, the easier it would be to break down the wall of silence and lies. But maybe this would need centuries because the millions of children who are being beaten today will grow up as “beaters” and go on to preach “discipline” tomorrow, without a visible end.