The causes of addiction

The causes of addiction
Sunday March 19, 2006

Subject: Re: addiction versus ADHD

I read your book and it fits with my experiences. My boss started talking to me again and I read some magazines and I feel really suicidal and hopeless. My doctor says I;m not ADHD but my boss says he wouldn’t know because he is a GP and he doesn’t work with me. I don’t understand why I am so upset I am in so much self hatred and I can only assume the conversations have triggered these feelings. Also work makes me feel alright and now I feel like I’ve been in denial about making a positive contribution there.

AM: You write that you have read my last book and at the same time you write: “as an addict I would love to fix myself with a pill and be normal.” Okay, there are many pills that will promise you such an outcome; but why do you write to me? If you read my book you must know that I do not have this kind of pills to sell and that I insist on the fact that all psychic disturbunces and addictions have their causes in the denial of one’s own childhood’s sufferring that must be found and respected in a therapy with an enlightened witness.