How children could speak if they were allowed

How children could speak if they were allowed
Tuesday January 24, 2006

Dear Dr. Miller:

I want to personally thank you for writing “The Body Never Lies”. As a therapist in the Appalachian Mountains, I have been discussing the effects of trauma and abuse on the body with my adult and young clients for a while. I tell them that the body never forgets. When children I work with draw inside or around their body outline such a truth is revealed.

Just two days ago a five year old colored over his eyes and nose and mouth. He is jostled between his parents who bitterly despise each other and have continual custody and visitation battles. Ironically, he used army camoflague colors for his face with a patch of red on the upper left side of his head. The only part of his body below the neck he colored was the small space between his arm and waist area in dark purple. Before he colored over his mouth, it was shaped circular with teeth all around and was both fearful and angry.

Thank you so very much for your validation of this vital message. It has bolstered my effort all the more to share my passion of this hidden truth.

A. K. Therapist

AM: Thank you so much for this much telling story. You see how children could speak if they were allowed to?