Monday September 08, 2008

Dear Alice and others-

My question is about a therapist saying to me: “nobody can ever really understand each other!” What is that about? I wrote him a letter in which I stated how much I wanted to be understood- and I felt as though he made me LONELY all over again and somehow that he didn’t get or read what I was trying to tell him and I suppose I need to trust this.

Why would he say that nobody can really understand each other? Because his mother didn’t understand his cries?

Or rather that is why now I WANT TO be understood because as kid I wasn’t emotionally understood at all!

AM: I think that you are right with your assumption (because his mother never understood him) but instead to trying to understand him I would leave him as soon as possible and look for somebody else who absolutely DOES WANT to know how you were hurt. Here is the link to my new flyer on the youtube, which can help to understand statements like this of your therapist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2hF2ujCeFw