Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando
Sunday July 30, 2006

Ms. Miller,

I came across the book Reclaiming Your Life on the internet and I noticed that you provide the forward to this text.
I notice that it was published 10 years ago and I am wondering if you still endorse the methods described in the book? I have not read it but plan to if you think it is of value.

I have read all of your books except The Body Never Lies and found the experience of reading them both painful and reassuring. I am now 40 and I realize that I have been frozen in my emotional development since age 18, perhaps earlier.
My body ages but I am not able to move forward in my life in any real sense. I am not able to form a lasting and intimate relationship with a woman, start a family, or have the career I would like. I know It’s because I have not yet been able to face or work through my child hood traumas. I also know that I must do this work now or I will never move beyond where I am now.

I have two questions…

Can you recommend a therapist in the Los Angeles area?
Have you read Marlon Brando’s autobiography (Songs My Mother Taught Me)?
It is the sad tale of a gifted and intelligent person who, while possessing great self-awareness and insight was unable to break free from the damaging effects of his childhood.

Be well, Richard

AM: I haven’t read yet the book by Marlon Brando but I can guess what I will find there. We don’t have lists of therapists; I can only suggest that you read my FAQ list when you are looking for a therapist. Also reading “The Body Never Lies” may be helpful.
For many years now I have been repeatedly asking the publisher and the author of “Reclaiming Your Life” to remove my preface from this book because I no longer recommend it. Unfortunately I never received any answer and my request was simply ignored. Obviously – as you now let me know – my text is still being used against my will because it may be not in the interest of the publisher to do what I asked for.