Questions about counseling

Questions about counseling
Monday August 06, 2007

Dear Alice

I am presently studying counseling in Vancouver, BC and I a feel very empowered through your work and would like to thank you for it. I have two questions presently. First, how would you suggest could a new Counselor acquire the skills to guide people through heir childhood trauma. Second; how could an adult and/or therapist work on his/her own childhood issues to a. facilitate their own healing, and to be of more help to those who come for help.
I look forward to your response and like to express my appreciation for your help.
Thank you very much und Vielen Dank, J.

AM: To answer your questions I would have to repeat what I already wrote at length in my recent articles on this web site. I am thus asking you to read them. In any case, counseling without knowing and having felt the plight of one’s own childhood seems rather problematic in my opinion. You can’t have empathy for others if you didn’t learn to have it for yourself.