I hate my parents

I hate my parents
Saturday October 04, 2008


I hate my parents. I am still afraid to feel this hatred. I can feel some of it. They are still in my life. I cannot seem to understand how I can feel this hatred and not cut them out of my life. I feel like it would harm them if I stopped speaking to them. Yet, it harms me to speak to them.

Is it possible for me to hate them and still have them in my life, in one way or another? Or is it required of me to cut them out in order to heal?


AM: I think that recovery is not about obeying to rules but about listening to our feelings. As long as you need to see anybody whom you hate you may have the need to find out why exactly you (and your body) hate this person (listen well to her). Without understanding the REASONS of your feelings you don’t know yourself. Once you do you don’t need advices for what to do. Talking to the persons you hate and listening to them may clarify a lot.