Helping witness

Helping witness
Thursday August 17, 2006

Many thanks for your dedicated work over the years. Work that I have certainly benefited from, and would be far less knowledgeable without.
I do have a serious concern.
I do not have the money required to hire an “enlightened witness.” Do you have any suggestions for people like me (and there are many) who cannot afford the high cost of therapy? It has always been a puzzle to me that therapists insist on charging high fees for services. The money barrier strikes me as just another continuation of denial and abuse.
Surely the highest goal is to bring health to the community, regardless of purely economic factors. Everyone benefits from healthy citizens in the long run, and the serious patient is always going to have plenty of hard work to do just to recover. My own process has been cut short because of economic injustice.
Suggestions are welcomed.
With respect, R. J.

AM: Have you tried to subscribe to the list “”? Maybe with the support of this forum and together with my last articles and books you can find your history and learn to have compassion with the child you once were?