The overwhelm of it all

The overwhelm of it all
Friday December 08, 2006

Dear Alice,

I am reaching out to make a greater connection to what is happening with me now. In therapy most of my adult life, having tried all the antidepressants, having much disillusionment with the psychoanalytic movement (with 2 degrees in psych. myself), and now in great crisis, I’ve finally found a therapist who knows what he’s doing. Somehow I had missed your work until a few weeks ago and I walked into my first session with this man and held up a xeroxed copy of the intro to your book on your artwork and said “do you know her work?” He turned around and reached for a book that sat on his rather empty desk and
it was “Drama of the Gifted Child” and he said “this is all I need”, or something to that effect. No coincidence.

I have been in intensive therapy with him for a few weeks now and am making this my job. I feel it is my life at stake here. It is my priority.

I try on my parents the suit of no compassion and it is difficult. This is something I have never tried before to the extent I see it will take to make the shift in my perceptions. But I can always go back. Not that I will.

I am passing your book around to many friends who themselves are astonished at it’s take-no-prisoners view. But they keep reading, ingesting and digesting and we have a lot to talk about. It is the true revolution, and the tumblers in the lock fall into place.

Thank you so very much for taking a stand. mz

AM: Thank you for your letter. Many psychologists think that the DRAMA is “all they need”. They seem to be scared by my most recent books that show the histories of mistreatments, the cruelty of parents and the effects of denial. I wish you the courage you need to discover the truth of your childhood. Whatever you chose to do, don’t take antidepressants. They will only hinder you to find out the reasons of your depression.