training to become an enlightened witness

training to become an enlightened witness
Tuesday April 29, 2008

I recently finnished reading your book,” the body never lies” and as with the drama of being a child I could completely identify with what was written . My childhood was very distessing and ofcourse effects me still. As an adult I have been on a journey of healing myself but also looking at how I can help others. This has included working with children at school, working on a project for young people leaving care and youth work. Currently I am training as a psychodynamic counsellor I have been studying this for almost three years which includes having personal therapy for me,I am half way through 80 hours of personal therapy. After reading your book I thought how much I want to be an enlightened witness and recognise that my experiences and attitude have a lot to do with it, but I would like to be on an educational path that positively encourages your way of seeing things. Do you have any ideas as to what educational path would support my desire to be an educated and experienced enlightened witness?

I would appreciate any advice you may have to give,

thank you, J. B.

AM: I think that the work on your own child is THE education you need to become an enlightened witness. My books may help you to do this work.