Message from BG

Message from BG
Sunday September 18, 2005

Dear Alice,

I just wanted to send you a few lines to thank you for
the tremendous support that I have been getting from
your work. A friend of mine recommended “the drama of
the gifted child” to me about a year ago. I devoured
it, and in the following 2 weeks I read, I think, all
the books you had published to that date. I have read
a lot on psychology on the last years, and even though
some of the books were helpful, only your books made
me feel “that’s it, she really see clearly. She’s
really gone all the way”. It was a tremendous relief
and since then I have been seeing more clearly myself,
understanding better and better all the messages that
were left in the body.

I’ve never been to therapy (yet?), but I practice
vipassana meditation which is a tremendously helpful
tool to look at your own mind and body. It was that
way that I started to “see” the emotional messages of
the body. And your books put words into the parts of
the message that had no text to them, because they
were from the period before language, or because the
conceptual explanation was forcefully suppressed by my

It’s been a relief. And I just wanted to express my
gratitude to you. A year ago I felt undeserving of
writing to you, but things are changing. There is


The clenching of the chest,
an attempt to shield.

We opened our hearts in innocence
and received the crippling wound.

That’s how they told us their stories,
the way they felt.

Making us live their feelings,
ignoring ours.

That’s how they enslaved us
– for ever after –
to the dream of what was not,

to the promised love never to be reached,

to the illusion of being protected,

That’s how they made us suffer for them.
Who else could’ve taken it.

Escape ghosts,
frozen hearts,

waiting to be resurrected
by a loving embrace of respect.

Blinded for life for having loved,
and trusted,
and listened to.

For having dared to see


With gratitude,