Monday July 24, 2006

Dear Miss Miller,

First of all; thank you so much for the impressive present,the message in your writings, you have given to me, already longtime ago. And of course, I am still a great fan of your books.

About myself ; E. E., born 1949, in Amsterdam, a former psychotherapist (once psychoanalytically trained in the Netherlands, left this pa society 15 years ago), at the moment involved in making a documentary about Bonding psychotherapy.

For many years I am dreaming and I want to tell you about it;
I would love it so much to make a documentary about you as a person in relation with your message you gave to so many people.

I really do hope that you will answer my letter so I can provide you more details about my plan.

With warmest regards,
E. E.

AM: You can do whatever you need to about my work provided that you respect the copy-right and understand my books. But I can’t do anything else than I already do.