Reading The Body Never Lies

Reading The Body Never Lies
Friday January 05, 2007

HI Alice,
I am currently reading The Body Never Lies for the second time. I have highlighted re read passages and keep it close lke a bible. I am a graduate student in a Masters program here in Halifax Nova Scotia.I recently wrote a paper and found myself using quotes from it.When I read the book it is as though you can read my thoughts and keep telling me it is ok to feel the way I do. My Mother passed away on Nov. 23,2006 I wrote the paper as a part of my grief process the Professor gave me space to reflect personally as opposed to an academic piece. I am grateful to her and beleive her to be a kindred spirit. I would like to send you the paper however you request no attachments is it possibe? I would be greatly honored if you could read it I do so want to be witnessed as I depart from my family system of denial. It has taken me a long time to realize my healing would never be complete as long as I attempt to stay connected to people who completely deny my truth. It is difficult and lonely to break the fourth commandment when most people are totally beholding to it. I realize I am an exception not the rule and I so want to connect with others who have dared to break the bond of silence and denial. From the time I started finding truth in childhood pain some 15 years ago I never stopped believing it is the true path to recovery.I think many of the therapies attempting to omit this crucial piece are merely scratching the surface and will not unlock the root cause. I am grateful and proud that I refused drugs and labels, and held tight to unlocking pain and finding my truest self. Thankyou for sharing yourself and your work and touching the lives of so many including me who desire to be set free. I look forward to your response.

Sincerely, N. L.

Try to send the paper if it is not very long but Alice Miller can’t promise you that she will be able to read it.