Becoming human

Becoming human
Saturday June 03, 2006

To Alice miller, I am just now beginning to read your work.
as of yet I have read,” For your own good,’ thou shalt not be aware,Banished childhood. Through you. I have also discovered Lloyd deMause, Donald Capps, (its good to have a bibliograhy!) The chapter on Adolf Hitler ( in FYOG) was by far the best expanation I have ever read on how cruelty in childhood led to such a monster, I have deep sympathy for the child but not the man. your books have competly transformed the way I parent, to listen to my children not order them about, to feel there lives rather then to place my expectations on them.
There is a lot of work to do on myself, just wish that I had an enlighted witness of my own!, but through your books I pray that I can be a better human being a better caring loving human being, perhaps that is the purpose of life, being human!
thank you for your insights sharing of yourself & giving me your gift of being a better healhier person,with the very best regards, R

AM: I agree with you but to me being human means above all becoming aware of what we are doing and of where are the origins of our behavior.