Book writing

Book writing
Wednesday July 04, 2007

I am so glad that I can correspond to you!
Your insights into human nature are my personal confirmation into finally writing about my experiences. When the book is ready for publishing, I will request your permission to use some of your excerpts.

Being raised by broken unhealed parents (they are both 75. Classic examples in your book); I have a huge amount of personal experiences and recovery to offer society.
I will be 50 years young this year. Have spent the last 20 years determined to break my family of origin dysfunctional behaviour through many types of therapy for physical, mental and sexual abuse.

Question: Who should my target audience be?
I would like to try to help the child perhaps avoid a life of self destruction, or cyclical dysfunctional behaviour to innocent human beings. (To young for their brains to comprehend?)

Or should the target be the teen?
Perhaps giving insight and guidance to not mirror her mother’s role in the dysfunctional family system?

OR… just write…those who are meant to read the book will reach for it?

Not being a professional councillor, and drawing on my personal experience of when I chose to re-write my history; I am stuck as to knowing when a human being seems to want to change their life. The 40’s seem to be a guess. But…is there such a thing as helping to prevent such pain and suffering before mid-life?

I gratefully look forward to your reply,
Sincerely, D. B.

AM: Just write… and have fun and feel that you are always with yourself, without wanting to please anybody, just to say what feels right to you and your body, according to your own experience. Your body will tell you should it feel betrayed.