The gifted child

The gifted child
Wednesday July 11, 2007

Dear Alice,

My name is D. R., (masculine), 35. Three months ago I read your book ” The Gifted Child”. It completely shook my world. Everything I always thought (knew) but couldn’t express verbal was written black on white. Finally someone who had the courage to speak out the truth!

The book made me very angry, it brought sadness, old grief but most of all I very much thought: ” finally someone who believes and understand my childhood”.

I can’t express in words how thankful I am.

It was my female psychiatrist who said to me ” you have the intellectual and emotional platform to understand that book”. She explained it was written for psychologists.

I have a history of sexual abuse, a very bad childhood etcetera.

Some other books helped me finally see and revealing my truth. How to survive your family by Robin Skinner and John Cleese. In aller liebe by Louis Schutzenhofer. And some books by Irvin D. Yalom. Messe und Macht by Elias Canetti

I even gave your book to my mother who is now 75. She read it, but doesn’t quite understand it.

I also bought the book for 2 of my closest friends. One who vaguely knows your book refused it and said ” I will not read this, this book will bring up my evilness and it will be destructive for me”.Maybe within some time….

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I hope you will live many many many more years with your family.

I’ ll never forget you and how your book contributed in saving my life!
I really really mean this.

Kind regards, D. R.

AM: Thank you for your letter. The reaction of your friend is very common, however this can change with time.