Your Books in other languages

Your Books in other languages
Thursday December 08, 2005

Dear Alice,

I’m an abusee and things have got so bad that I no longer have friends and in absolute no contact with my parents nor family.

I’m totally distorted in my thinking at the moment having been brainwashed, manipulated, verbally, emotionally and psychologically abused by my parents.

I was incapacitated workwise which I’ve pushed on for 4 years before it became a total disability.

I’ve come across your name in a book I read which had Prisoners of Childhood a recommended reading book at the back.

I couldn’t afford to buy books but that was the only resource for recovery.

I haven’t been able to afford to see a therapist or a qualified therapist for my condition of which the symptoms were obvious and I self-diagnose myself cos’ in this part of the world, not many are qualified.

Anyway, I’ve Borderline Personality Disorder. In my world, things are very flimsy and confusing.

For the past 4 years, I’ve been doing research myself and still not been to a proper therapists.

I came across Banished Knowledge in a book sale and I bought it.

It was the best book that I’ve read. It’s so profound and I could understand totally and was so validated by what you say. I felt so so validated that in this world, someone understood about things that many deny.

My parents are in total denial and I’m still in blame and the black sheep.

I still hope to acquire all your books as the time goes.

However, could you tell me how I could find your books in other languages? Would you know the publishers? I read yours in English. I would be interested in the Chinese language so that I can send them to my parents.

Hoping to hear from you.


PS. Thank you for having the courage and insight to write the truth.
Thank you.

The first book by Alice Miller, Prisoners of Childhood, is already available in Chinese (under the title The Drama of the Gifted Child) but if you can’t buy the other books in English you can send us your address and we will try to provide you with some of them.