question from Slovenia

question from Slovenia
Wednesday June 18, 2008

Dearest Ms. Miller,

On my web page page, which is in Slovenian language, I often recommend Your books and importance of human rights for mental health.
My web page is about learning how to take care for ourselves with articles about different topics – guilt, shame, health, mental health and mostly how to care about self.

People often ask me how to find a good therapist. That is why I would like very much to put on my web page your article How to find the right therapist which contents the questions a person seeking for a help could ask therapist. I would like very much to translate the article and put it with your name and and source properly quoted. I found the article on the ”This is a war” web page.

I kindly ask for you permission to use the article. This is link to my web site :

I would like to thank you for everything you have done for people who are seeking freedom and self-respect.
I often use your books when teaching on Secondary school in Trieste, where I am a teacher. I appriciate and respect your work very much.

All the best and nicest regards, A. R.

AM: Yes, you are allowed to use my FAQ-list, which you want to translate into Slovenian, and put it on your website. Unfortunately, I can’t check the translation, but after having read your letter, I trust you that you have well understood my text. Good luck!