The Drama of “Gifted” Parents

The Drama of “Gifted” Parents
Saturday January 21, 2006

Hello Alice,

I wanted to drop you a letter as I am compelled by your book, “The Drama of the Gifted Child,” as it relates to the school that my children attend. The school is for “gifted” children and has an eclectic educational approach. A mix of cutting edge brain research, constructivist and progressive etc. The school is called the Nueva School ( and is located in the Bay Area.

We were drawn to the progressive piece of the education and feel that your book addresses many of the adults involved in the school, the need to be gratified by the children. What an amazing opportunity to have you come and present your ideas to this community. An eye opening and rich experience this would be. Please do let me know if you are open to this. It would be thrilling to have you and I know it would be a fantastic experience for you!

Best Regards,
S. S.

AM: I am sorry that I can’t come to the Bay Area (what I would love to do) but maybe you can distribute “The Drama of the Gifted Child” to the parents and children who work in this school. It can open the eyes to some of them and this may be so helpful as it was in your case. My presence would not do more than the book can do to people who are open enough.